Mrs L Robinson

It was such a pleasure decorating our apartment with Danielle.

After 7 years I am still enjoying the colours, quality and luxury of everything she chose to add to the comfort of our home. Friends are always commenting on how everything is so well coordinated to create a beautiful atmosphere. Thanks Danielle.

Mrs L RobinsonWollongong
Mrs Mary Roach

We are so thrilled with the renovations to our home in Glenorie, it’s like living in a hotel everyday!

We never expected the outcome to be this impressive and we thank you for creating such a beautiful home for us.

Mrs Mary RoachGlenorie
Skydome Skylight Systems

Skydome Skylight Systems Limited first spoke to Danielle Victoria Design in July 2005 regarding our urgent office fit out. With limited funds and no time to spare Danielle worked frantically to develop a suitable office layout that incorporated a suitable corporate colour scheme, matching furniture and signage.

Danielle was very quick to point out the functional areas of the office environment and promptly produced all suitable documentation that was then relayed through to her appropriate key contractors.

Since our office has been complete we have had nothing but praise on the layout, style and colour.

Thanks for the great looking office!

Skydome Skylight Systems

Even after a year our tenants are still congratulating us on the wonderful refurbishment we carried out on the bathrooms of this 11 storey office building.

The colour scheme, the finishes and fittings you proposed and had installed in this $600,000 renovation have been very well received and are elegant, modern but also timeless.

We at Nask are thrilled by the work you did and would not hesitate to recommend you to any prospective clients.

Charles Gobolos
Harry Partridge

It is said that in Nature everything is in harmony.

Working with Danielle is like taking a walk through a country garden.  She points to the natural beauty and composition; She knows where to look. And she knows how to take time to consider carefully how colour, shape and proportion will best suit our design needs.

Harry PartridgePatridge Partners