Add some ‘luxe’ this Winter

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury to your space?

Here are my 2 little tips to create just that.

Textiles. I absolutely adore velvet. It is one of the most warm and luxurious fabrics that never dates. It not only feels beautiful, it also cleverly bounces off light due to it’s clever weave. For ready made designer velvet cushions check out a favourite of mine- Designers Guild.

Metallics. We all love a bit of shine. Gold, bronze and copper are of particular ‘trend’ at the moment. However try not to pick what is on trend, rather go with something you LOVE. Whether it’s through textiles, lighting, photo frames- a little shine will add a sophisticated edge to any room. Have a look at French Country for some inspiration.

Tea for 2

I had to share a recent purchase- yes indulgent- but well worth it.

I had been looking for an everyday coffee cup set that was beautiful. Not too delicate- meaning dishwasher safe.

I purchased these gorgeous cups from Accoutrement Mosman– (another favourite- the most  a m a z i n g  culinary store) The cups are german made and the brand is Dibbern.

The colour range is fantastic, you would be surprised how colour effects us, so I am always selective when it comes to colour and how it will enhance and alter the mood and feeling of any space. And with the wide colour range available, it meant I could personalise my look by choosing colours that would make a statement together.

Be sure to see the gorgeous colours available on the Dibbern website and why not create your own palette masterpiece! I also love that you can change your design statement anytime you add a new colour! Click on the pics below….





Home Office Envy

If you’re ever looking for great looking stationary to enhance your interiors, look no further than Kikki. K! We have used them over the years so often to soften commercial office spaces, and dress up home offices too! If you flick through our portfolios, you will be sure to come across the delights of Kikki.K.

And with another store just opened in Mosman, it’s just a stroll down the road from the office to see the latest products!

Be sure to check out kikki.k online. My favourite range is the ‘Kraft’ range shown pictured below as it adds warmth to white and colours, just the way timber does.

Spring in your step!

Spring has arrived! It’s time to soak up some sunshine!

I have been looking forward to changing over my winter fabric cushion covers over to some spring/ summer colours, put the velvets and velours away for the next chilly winter and bring out the crisp linens and cottons! Here are just a few fresh fabrics I came across on the Designers Guild site- they are just stunning! Click on the images below to take a closer look and be sure to check out Designers Guild for all the latest…