Style- it never dates

I was going through my older files of completed projects and came across a project I did in 2005.

The project was an Unit Renovation in Darling Point Sydney. We merged two small units together, knocking out the common walls to produce a luxury Penthouse Apartment that consumed the entire floor. The Entrance Foyer directly from the lift was now exclusively for the one apartment.

The client wanted all the highest quality of finishes, and looking back on the photos, it proves that style never dates. I am always weary of the ‘latest products’ to hit the design market, as fads in this industry come and go, so I tend to stick to beautiful stones, mirror, and natural materials. The interiors of the Entrance Foyer, Front door and the Apartment are very sophisticated with clean lines and clever use of lighting. The use of mirror and polished stone bounces the lighting around to open up the foyer, as there was no natural light. If I did this project today, I would do it exactly the same!