Tea for 2

I had to share a recent purchase- yes indulgent- but well worth it.

I had been looking for an everyday coffee cup set that was beautiful. Not too delicate- meaning dishwasher safe.

I purchased these gorgeous cups from Accoutrement Mosman– (another favourite- the most  a m a z i n g  culinary store) The cups are german made and the brand is Dibbern.

The colour range is fantastic, you would be surprised how colour effects us, so I am always selective when it comes to colour and how it will enhance and alter the mood and feeling of any space. And with the wide colour range available, it meant I could personalise my look by choosing colours that would make a statement together.

Be sure to see the gorgeous colours available on the Dibbern website and why not create your own palette masterpiece! I also love that you can change your design statement anytime you add a new colour! Click on the pics below….